Anti-Climb Round Top Smartweld Panel 1.75m Wide

Product description

Perfect for filling in smaller sections in your fenceline

The Heras Round Top premium panel 1.75m wide is the strongest temporary fence on the market, with 3 sides formed from a continuous length of tube, eliminating the top corner weld, often the weakest point in traditional panel design. If you require a top of the range panel, the Premium Round Top Anti-climb panel is the one. With the wide of 1.75m this panel allows you to fill in smaller sections if the full panel is to long.

  • Heavy Duty
  • RFX corner plates fixed with Smartweld technology
  • Other colours available

Close wire spacing to HSG151 guidelines

The HSE has confirmed that the system will meet all of the guidelines in HSG-151 "Publication Protecting the Public - Your next move". To comply with HSG 151 we suggest using our High Visibility Foot Block in public areas to ensure full compliance. Permanently coloured with a durable UV stabilised “hi-vis” casing and filled with solid high density concrete. This effectively highlights any potential trip hazard. Anti-tamper Couplers provide additional security, these couplers can only be removed with the use an Heras specialist Anti-tamper tool.

Part of Heras HSG 151 System

Our High Visibility feet are part of the Heras HSG 151 System. The HSG151 publication by the Health and Safety Executive entitled “Protecting the Public – Your next move” gives plenty of advice to help you conform to legislation. HSE guidelines that help protect the public are a major consideration when it comes to construction site safety. It’s your responsibility to ensure that there are no risks posed to your staff or the public. The Heras 151 Panel System meets all the guidelines contained within HSG151 and we are pleased to say that the HSE has confirmed this system meets their standards. The Heras 151 Panel System is available on a hire or sale basis for collection or delivery across the UK.


Product information
The strongest temporary fence to fill in smaller sections
Anit-climb protection
Dimensions Height (mm)
Dimensions Width (mm)
Frame type
round top
Package quantity
Weight (Kg)


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