Huur Naverzinkt bouwhek met folie oranje

Product description

A combination of the Heras M500 Anti-Climb mobile fence with an orange mobile fence cover.

When rented, the tarpaulin fences are delivered in stillage containing 98 metres of mobile fencing. These are ideal for easily shielding your festival site or VIP area quickly. Temporary security for the event industry generally means keeping unwanted visitors out and the crowd flowing smoothly. The orange temporary fencing tarpaulin is fastened to the M500 Anti-Climb temporary fencing. Our safe base in the rental park.


  • Unclimbable
  • Optimal security

Security for your event site.

This temporary fencing with tarpaulin lets you easily and effectively screen off the site or event and hide your “restricted areas”, such as storage locations, from view. This is also useful for providing screened-off areas for artists and special guests to enter the site.

Atmosphere on your festival site.

The experience of guests, artists and local residents is important to you as an organiser. Screening backstage areas off properly (storage and private areas) gives your event area a tidy appearance. In addition, it is possible to give the event extra appeal by choosing a tarpaulin fence in a colour that matches the event. A custom print is also possible. Only customised tarpaulins are for sale for this temporary fencing. Our standard solutions are available for rent.


Product information
Indestructible and complete screening for temporary fencing. (orange)
Frame type
square top
Suitable to attach cloths
Weight (Kg)


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